Programming Languages

Users can program using any mix of three IEC61131-3 programming languages:

ST: Structured Text
IL: Instruction List
LD: Ladder Diagram
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I/O Interfaces

 IHMI-PLC supports direct access API for plug-in I/O modules on some CE touch panels.

Using these panels (with IHMI-PLC installed), Machine Builders can build a low-cost self contained

Machine Controllers without the need for expensive PLC hardware.

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External (non-plug-in) I/O modules can be accessed over Ethernet or serial connection using Modbus (TCP/RTU).

IHMI-PLC Designer (Ladder pictured)

IHMI-PLC Runtime (Front End Display)

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Press Releases

Designer, Compiler and Virtual-PLC
IHMI-PLC incorporates a virtual-PLC technology designed to extend HMI functionality.  This includes a stand-alone Development System for Windows PC and the virtual PLC Runtime for Windows PC, CE, Linux (Fedora and Ubuntu) and Raspberry Pi platforms. 

IHMI-PLC Press Release, March 2017 (PDF).  Initial


We welcome OEMs. IHMI-PLC technology is

available to integrate with your products.

Telephone:  978-670-8700

Toll Free (USA):  800-664-2000

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IHMI-PLC Press Release, October 2017 (PDF).

Introducing support for Raspberry Pi / GPIO.  Also

available under Linux (including Fedora and Ubuntu).

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